AddNodePure mod not woking

hi I would like to know why is the following mod is not working:

Just to note the sml version is v2.0.0 and Satisfactory Mod Launcher version v1.0.9

Also here is the list of mods I have install right now:

NuclearWasteRecycle 0.2.1
MK2 0.2.1
PUREX Reprocessing (beta) 0.1.0
Pak Utility Mod 0.3.1
Passive Mode 0.2.2
StackMeMore 0.1.2

How is the mod supposed to work anyway.

It modified the map to add a bunch of nodes in specific places

ok thanks for your help.

The oil nodes are not working, they only have a image instead of the node model, also the resource scanner only detects the first three.