Advanced logistic burn CPU and kill FPS

First is PC config
i9-9900KF + 2070S + 64GB RAM

Only Advanced logistic installed. (For find out the root cause I uninstall all mods 1 by 1)

Here a some testing. with 80 Splitters and 40 mergers that placed with foundrys

When not do any settings in the splitters/mergers, the performance is same as normal.
If don’t enter the area that has Advanced logistic splitters/merges, the performance is same as normal too.

While doing settings in the splitters/merges, the CPU starts to burn, the cpu usage is raise accumulately - increasing slowly at the beginning and keep increasing very fast.

Tried to clear all items in the belt and machines, it didn’t help.

Leaving the area will not recover the CPU usage and FPS drops.

RAM and GPU usage is normal, it burns the CPU only.

I really love this mod, it solved the load balancing problem while building a huge factory. I guess it maybe a problem about the counter keep accumulating. Hope it will has a fix soon.

I’m happy that i’m not the only one.
See my topic of yesterday