Advanced Logistics and the framerate

Hi all,
I’ll try to explain my problem with my poor english.
I’m playing on the EA 125236, Core I7 8700 RTX2060 16Go … … … it’s OK
I have about 15 mods installed (moar, farmer, refined power, etc etc).
Since i use advanced logistics for all my splitting system, when I laugh the game, i lose 10 fps all 2 minutes and my computer’s fans screams. if i reload the game, idem, the good framerate fall
I tried remove and add all my mods one by one, so i’m sure it’s this mod the problem.
I’m disappointed… Imagine, the efficiency of parallel splitting with the serial building. It was perfect!
Im surprised that no one talk about this problem before. i though that i’m not alone.
So this is my bug report.
Have a nice day

Ps: I forgot something maybe important with this problem, when the framerate falls and the cpu burn, the satisfactory task use 95% of the CPU, without the advanced logistics mod, it usually turns around 20%