Area Actions Fill - nothing contains the resource cost!

It has been like this since the beginning but: when using copy-paste or Fill the buildings you copy/fill does not contain the actual build cost regardless if you check the “use build cost” or not. Only way to get materials back is to use the mods mass dismantle, I want to be able to delete manually and get mats back. (also the builder eyedropper doesn’t work on those blocks created by area actions)

It tells you this in the mods description, it also tells you it will be rewritten because of this. Heres the warning, but I encourage you to read mods descriptions to know about some of these issues before you install:

" Warning: Currently the buildings created by Area Actions don’t give refunds when dismantled vanilla, and the vanilla eyedropper doesn’t work on them. I am currently rewriting the mod in c++ which will fix this issues. For now, the mod’s Mass Dismantle does refund the buildings created by it, and it also has it’s own eyedropper (middle click with Area Actions equipped) which works on all buildings"