Bug with power shards

I have installed some mods, since I have done that I can not use power shards in all machines. I wanted to ask if one of you also knows the problem and maybe even has a solution.

sorry for my english and thanks in advance.

Which mods do you have installed?

ProgrammableElevatorMod, RenewablePower, SATISFACTORYITEMDICTIONARY, SlowItdown, SweetComposter, SweetSigns, SweetToolsBase, SweetTransportal, Pak Utility Mod, Windows, Not Enough Items, MoarFactory_resources, MoarFactory, Foundations Industrie, HUGE STACKS, HAZARD FENCES, CRAZYMOD, CARTRIDGES STACKS TO 200, SOLAR PANELS & BATTERY STORAGE, TELEPORTER, HEAL SPHERES, AREA ACTIONS, Farming Mod, LIGHT IT UP, Advanced Logistics, HARD EARND INVENTORY SLOTS

I imported the savegame from the experiment coat mode, it may be because of it if so how can I fix it. Or how can I get the mods to work in experiments.

Nope, Its one of the Mods. Issue Just started showing up, Can’t figure out which one though.

I started a new game and it worked there again, I think it is somehow due to the milestone, can I reset it somehow?

Did you play the current experimental before installing mods on early access? If you play on experimental and then load the save in EA, building overclocking will be locked, even without mods, because they changed how it works in EXP.

You can reenable it with the save editor. Search in your save for GameState and add the property mIsBuildingOverclockUnlocked, boolean property, and check the box. Same for other things that might be locked by moving from EXP to EA (some said the map is locked too)

The savegame editor does not open my save game, unfortunately I am only shown “Please Wait” all the time. When I use a new savegame it opens it to me. Here is my savegame: https: //www.file-upload.net/download-13869968/TigerKoperation_1901-231816.sav.html

The latest Version of https://github.com/Goz3rr/SatisfactorySaveEditor the Save Game Editor should load your save again and also let you fix the overclocking with Power Shards as mentioned above