Can someone create Storage 'Gauge'

I am looking for a way to determine level of storage I can tell at a glance and some distance.

  • A guage on side of storage that shows content status, like a fuel gauge in an automobile
  • light on the storage, like a production object: Green Full, Yellow half, Red empty, White Filling up (or activity)
    Maybe this is difficult to do, otherwise it would be done already.
    note: I know I can choose disassemble to see the recovery, which also shows content, but I have to inspect each one.

You have that with the MoarFactory, the silo is a 3 entrance, 3 exits and with a side bar so you can see how full it is.
It has 100 item slots and ocupes 4 foundations

Oh sugar, I didnt even noticeā€¦that rocks.