COVERED CONVEYOR BELT - Do these improve performance by culling like walls and floors do?

A new mod turned up called " COVERED CONVEYOR BELTS"… basically it adds a belt cover that obscures the actual products moving about.

It is well known that a way to drastically increase performance in Satisfactory in end game when you are building the mega-factories is to “box” all your buildings and belts. As in the culling process in the application (I guess) means that as walls and floors stop the game having to render 1000s of items, the game just runs a zillion times faster. Some people use Storage Busses for this reason as well.

Anyway, does anyone know if this mod basically does the same thing? As it is removing the actually products from the belts, does this mod improve performance, or are the products not actually culled like when you use walls and floors?

TL;DR : Will this mod improve performance of the game when viewing mega-factories, in the same way enclosing belts and machines completely in walls and floors improves performance?

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Hi!!! I thinks so… Some people tested and see a little gain in performance/FPS… The animation of the products doesn’t render but they still there… I think if we can do like the storage containers, will be a lot better.

We have to test more, but i think, in big busses, will be like putting a wall in front of them.

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Interesting… you know a “storage buss mod”… that allows you to draw belts, but they act game wise like a storage box, as in the items are completely destroyed while on the belt might be a amazing mod to improve performance.

I guess you could need to just find out how many resources can sit on the smallest section of a belt you can build and make that the maximum storage for that “storage box”. Maybe you would need to make the output always be a standard belt, as I think objects move instantly through storage boxes?

I dunno… but a way to drastically increase performance on large factories using some kind of “hidden belt” could be the most important mod that we see for this game right now… up there with Area Actions and PakUtilities.

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You mean like the storage teleporter mod?
But indeed having covered belts destroy the items that go into their entry and spawn them in its wxit might be an interesting optimisatiom to explore

Teleport mods is not exactly what I mean. They are, imo, a cheat mod. I have nothing against them, but I like to preserve or augment the original game when I play. That is just how I like to do things. I played with the old item teleport mods and just sending stuff to a teleport parked next to the mine to the other side of the world… i dunno… it is just to easy imo and removed creative construction, which is what I like the most in this game.

I mean an actual “storage container” that you can draw like a belt. So anything that enters it is “destroyed” and removed completely form the render to improve performance.

The big problem is finding a way to limit the speed of the materials through the storage belt. Putting a MK Belt speed limit on the enter and exit would be a good start, but the items would move through it super fast if it was a container. So unless it was saturated, the storage belt would run super fast, then only slow on exit. If there could be a way to make sure the through put at MK speed that would be amazing.

How much of the game lag, at the massive factory level, is due to rendering all the moving items, and how much is due to calculations of a huge number of moving items that need to be tracked, or is it a combination of both? The reason I ask, is that from not too much of a distance, the items on belts look like they are stationary anyway, so is the lag being addressed a video/FPS issue or CPU/game tick issue, or a combination of both?

Funnily enough, this mod does not improve performance much, it’s minimal.

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