Easy Cheat configuration

Hi !

I try to use the EasyCheat Mod from @Andre_Aquila.

On the Mod page, he explains how to do this but despite his instructions I cannot find the FactoryGame / Configs / SML.cfg config files on my PC. I searched for it all over the c drive without success. Do we actually have to create the folder and the file manually?

Thank you in advance for your help !

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In fact, after a very last search I found the location of the configuration file:
“C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Satisfactory \ FactoryGame \ Configs \ SML.cfg”

Note that I installed Satisfactory through Steam. If you used Epic your parent folder will surely be different!

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Perfect Philippe… thanks for that info, i added in the mod page!

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I also installed this mod, but i cant get it to work.
When in console it says it does not recognize the commands.
I have updated the SML.cfg file.
Running early access 150216

Any tips

Worth noting is that i’m in perma GOD mode. It stayed that way after i used a mod 1 year ago.
Does not go away even if i dont use mods

here is another image.
Could not post 2 images…

I experience similar issues
I’ve freshly installed Update 4 from Epic, changed “Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Configs\SML.cfg” and set “enableCheatConsoleCommands” to true.
I can enter “PlayerFly 1” in the chat window to activate fly mode and “PlayerFly 0” to deactivate.
But any command mentioned on the mod page starting with “/c” are all not recognized and have no effect.

I must have edited the correct SML.cfg as setting “consoleWindow” to true gave me a console window when starting the game. But “enableCheatConsoleCommands” seems to have no effect.
When I build an Easy Cheat console and open it with “e” I get a note at the top left telleing me to set “enableCheatConsoleCommands” to true. But activating Fly mode or setting the Time of day works in that.

Besides EasyCheat I only have the Smart! mod installed. So either Smart! does not play well with EasyCheat or it’s an update 4 issue that needs to be fixed in EasyCheat.

Any hint what I might be doing wrong is highly appreciated.

EDIT: I made a rooky mistake! I input the commands in the command prompt “§” but should have used the chat prompt enter. Opening the chat window by pressing enter did the trick and the commands all worked.