Easy way to mod a recipe

Is there an easy way to modify existing recipes within the game? I followed the Mod tutorial where you create a new recipe in UE4 but I would like to know if there is any way through a code (like in Factorio), just to change recipes (Example 100 iron ore - 1 iron ingot). Thanks.

in the files there is your mod folder and outside there are many more you would have to go to the folder with the recipes and edit them as you please

Thanks Aiden, I just took the MilesNocte tutorials and everything went well in the new version. Now I wanted to replace an original recipe from Iron Ingot but when modifying the file in UE4 " / factorygame / recipes / smelter / Recipe_IngotIron" and clicking “Overwrite in Mod”, the modified recipe does not appear in the game. Do I have to do anything else in this new version? Thanks