Equipment+ crashing SML

The mod has been crashing my SML for a little while now. I get the following error message…

@@@@SML HAS CRASHED: Errors occurred during mod loading stage ‘mod discovery’. Loading cannot continue: Failed to load zip mod from D:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryExperimental/Mods/Equipment+_0.0.1.smod(Invalid data.json) @@@@
Click OK to exit.

Anyone else getting this? Is there a fix I’ve missed?

I’ve tried re-installing it and SML. I’ve tried renaming the mod, including the file references in the .smod file and the .json using the word ‘EquipmentPlus’ instead of ‘Equipment+’. It will launch without error, but doesn’t load the files and so is not available in the game. Then the next time I launch SML it notices the file has changed and reloads it to the original, which then crashes when I launch the game.

Any thoughts?

it’s the Equipment+ mod it’s outdated just don’t use it and use EA branch not EXP since mods may not have support for it and not work