Error Satisfactory Mod Launcher

Has anyone ever been in this situation? When opening satisfactory mod launcher, this window will pop up. Can you teach me how to solve it?

I had the same issue, i suspected it was somewhat related to having Satisfactory installed in a different drive than the ML, so i moved the game to the C: (You can potentially try moving the installer to the E drive and installing from there, dunno if that would work thou) and i reinstalled as Admin the ML and it started to work.
Important, Don’t change between profiles, it seems that the problem is that one of the .DLLs (xinput1_3.dll) gets deleted form the Satisfactory folder, for some reason, and copying it to it seems to make it work or at least stops the ML error, haven’t managed to get the Game to launch with the .dll in place thou

Hope you have more luck, ill keep trying until i get it to work.


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Found a fix, after all of the above, clearing the cache from the Loader managed to solve it, you can find it on Help -> Clear Cache


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