Exp 3.5 - 'Sloped Walls' and 'More Fences' Mods Issues

Those 2 mods made by ‘‘andrew - w’’ don’t work properly with the last pipes update (CL135035 - Experimental), the placement is buggy and at the end the game crash if you missplace the sloped wall or the fences.

Edit: The issue only occurs in experimental branch


I’m experimenting the same issues. I hope the author will soon update these mods. More Fences (and Slopped Fences) should be in the vanilla game !

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Same problem here. But not in Experimental. Hope it will be fixed, I started mods only for these 2 mods sloped walls and more fences. More fences has the same problem too. Placement and crash…

Yes. Crashing in the latest build 140083.