Factory Skyline Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone!
Some of you may know about the mod “Factory Skyline” and the fact development was stopped on the mod after update 4 hit.
cepheidqq the original creator of the mod has decided to release the source of the mod after some poking in the hopes that it can be carried on by the community.
personally, I was a huge fan of the mod and was pretty gutted that it wasn’t updated for the new patch. I have decided to take it upon myself to make some noise about this and to try to pull together some people to talk about the feasibility of updating this mod and then hopefully carrying out this work.
This mod was a real gem that with some love from the community could easily become “best in class” for what it does and I for one would love to help see that happen!

If you would like to join the discussion on the feasibility of updating the mod, joining the hopefully soon to be formed team, or would just like to check out the source please visit us on Github, DM me, or just reply here :slight_smile:
Let’s make this happen!
Kind regards, The1

Hey there, Im not here to help with the mod but please do get permission from the dev if you are going to re-upload it. if you don’t have his written permission to show it will be taken down

yes if you try to repost a mod without reaching out to the dev and having proof of them letting you repost it it will be taken down and there is a possibility you will be banned(temporarily) from the forums,mod and guide uplods and you will need to prove that you wont do it again or same thing will happen but for longer time spans

Hey guys, not sure if you have licked through and read the readme on the GitHub falk I set up falking the original repo that Cepheidqq made but I have included all of that there. He recently updated his repo with the source code along with a message in the issues section making it clear that he has no intention of fixing the mod due to circumstances you can read there along with permission for the code to be used. he has done this after I and others have opened up issues asking for such a thing.

This is in no way a hijacking of a project but rather a genuine attempt to get a great mod working again for the community to enjoy by the community. The way I see it is this mod will die a quiet death if no other attempt is made. The door is always open for Cepheidqq to come back along with anyone else who wants to help.

if you would like to get into the nitty-gritty of continuing the project under its current name without explicit written permission or using that name at all in the future regardless im open for discussion on it. However, it seems, for now, this is the best way to make some noise about this opportunity for the community to get back a great mod, I could always rebrand this as a new mod development push using this code as “inspiration” but I don’t think that is in anyone’s interest right now and probably more of an insult to the original developer.

I invite any feedback along with more discussion about this mod’s future here or elsewhere this has been posted along with discord (links in the Github readme)

Kind regards, the1

I will draft an “official” message to Cepheidqq and post it in his original GitHub issues section to get solid confirmation on the name, but I don’t see this as an issue, permission has been granted to use the code regardless.
Id just like to get the ball rolling with a genuine conversation about the future of this mod be it as a concept or a continuation of its legacy.

he just said you can use the code, Not that you can reupload it with possibly the same name and claim it as your own

Hi @The1NdNly , I love the good news and would like to help if possible. I am no programmer, or modder, but willing to learn and to help were I can! :sunglasses:

In my opinion, we can deal with the upload-or-not-discussion, as soon as there is something to upload :wink:

=> I am not here to to steal someones work, or claim it as mine - I just would love it to see Factory Skyline back in business. :yum:

hello @The1NdNly not sure if anyone can help or if this is related but I would like to help you with your request but Idk how to even make a simple mod or anything let alone recreate a mod completely I don’t even know where and how you would create a mod. if anyone can help me with this problem please help me bc I loved the factory skyline mod (there is another popular mod almost completely like skyline it is called the pak utility mod (yes it is pak that was not a spelling error)