FactoryGame could not be compiled, try rebuilding the source manually

I’m having an issue when I open the project in the CSS ue4 editor.

Did you make sure to do this step of setup? That’s usually what causes this error.

I just realised i missed that bit let me finish this and i will tell you if it works.

still the same messaged i did everything you said and followed the rest. im using the css ue4 and vs 2017

is this ok?

Mircea on the discord says:

Either use build 70, or remove the const where the error is

So, try using this specific build: https://github.com/SatisfactoryModdingUE/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/jenkins-UnrealEngine-70

If not, you can try modifying the code where the error is to make it compile.

it works now thank you so much, you are the best.