Farming Mod v2.0.1 mrhid6

Same Problem TIER 1 AFTER Unlock x200 Limestone and the Icon disappear, only can view “cost” but not the icon like Iron plate / Wire / the star * is how many needed etc

Please post a picture of what you mean?

and please test just farming mod and see if its causing the issue on its own and not another mod.

Farming Mod alone all ok but mean i lose all 30+ Mods like doing it over again and searching Power Slug too all over again etc have done the screenshot of what i mean

Before and After x200 Limestone

what are you trying to build?

that was ANY Build, so when i install the Farming Mod then select ANY Build the cost and icon all fine when i open the HUB at T I E R 1 then I click Basic Farmer and put 200 Limestone click the RED Button [Launch Pod] and in Special TAB or Production TAB or Transportation or Utility Sighs or Logistics or FLAG Mod or Tree or Walls or Power or Organiztion or Foundations or Rock or Decoration they all show “cost” only no icons of what needed to builds etc when i exit Satisfactory i click Remove for Farming Mod Run Satisfactory Everything fine

It only happen after the 200 Limestone Launch Pod the ANY build icon Disappear

I think I might be the fact that there is too many categories in the build menu as when you unlock tier 1 it adds the category to the build menu. Might be worth speaking to other mod devs and ask them to condense their buildings into one category or use the games categories

People would understand what you’re trying to say a lot easier if you actually tried to use punctuation. No one can tell where your sentences end or begin.

it ok as it big bug on Experimental Build
so when i start again but in Early Access all brilliant