Foundation Industries 1.0.4

I have detected a problem with 1.Way Hole Foundation 8x1. I have placed it wrong by mistake and when trying to delete it I could not. I have tried everything, even put some foundation to replace it, but it is as if the object never disappeared. There is no way to erase it, I have also tried putting another one in another place and the same happens, it is as if that foundation could not be erased.

I am attaching a photo so that you can see that it does not even allow me to select it, it is as if it were not there, even when walking on it it does not make the same noise as another foundation.

If you can lend me a hand, it is appreciated. A greeting.

I have had the same issue but only when deleting before it finishes building (while yellow). currently it is in a decent space and not a major issue so i chose to leave it

same issue but i placed 2 and the images are colliding and its hard to look at :frowning: