Foundation-industries 1.2.0

the update causes the disappearance of glass foundations (clear).
Corners are ok!

Can this be fixed?
Thanks in advance, 8ZN

Hey There,
Tank you for the report !

So basically I’ve done some minor changes regarding the division of the items in corresponding subcategories.

Look in the milestone Hub in tier 1 and scroll to the right. There you’ll find Ramps, glass foundations and corners as a stand alone veraion that you have to unlock -> each 100 cement

You should have then the items again :slight_smile:

I had already reached the milestones Corners & Foundations and built numerous elements.
With the update, I would expect to unlock only the milestone Ramps.

All foundations disappear when loading a savegame.
That does not happen with Corners.

As a result, I would not use the update.

Thanks and regards, 8ZN

Hey 8ZN that’s correct. The normal behaviour would have been as you described. Unfortunately I had to make those changes to split the items in more subcategories because more will come and having a strict item splitting can be very helpful.
Those subcategories will remain from Update 1.2 so in future you won’t have to unlock the tiers again and again.
So it’s up to you what version you want to use and what you need:)