Foundation Industries: 1/4 foundations and more

First, thanks for the mod!

The 1/4 foundations are actually 1/16 foundations which is okay I guess but I’d like to see actual 1/4 foundations if you can. Also, each 1/16th segment costs 6 concrete which is the same build cost as a full foundation! Concrete isn’t that hard to come by, but I thought that may not be what you actually intended.

Suggestion: The foundation with the center hole is amazing. Could we get versions with the hole at the edges/corners as well? Thanks for work so far, I look forward to more cool stuff.

I’m pretty sure that In the update 2 version of this mod, there were 1m foundations that were basically just the outside frame, with a completely empty middle part. I miss those!

Need miniature ramps to fit the miniature foundations. I was trying to make a walkway up to a raised platform yesterday and discovered that, even the mod that adds the procedural walkway, it failed. Standard ramps are massive.

I will say that the 1/4 foundations are friggin’ AMAZINGLY useful, even if they are a little too expensive right now. They should just be 1 concrete (2 at most). Still, I’ll happily use them even at 6, because there’s literally no other way to shift things over by specific amounts on the same foundation grid. (at least, not without area actions copy & paste)

Would you be adding 4x, 16x or might I dare say 24x foundations?
How lovely it would be to place a factory floor in one go. sigh