Foundation-Industries several bugs

Hello there. Just wanted to point out several bugs I’ve noticed with the mod.

  1. Every time I load up a save with the mod, more and more listings for all 3 of the milestones show up in the hub terminal. At this point I have 5 of the corners, 6 ramps and 7 glass.
  2. Every time I’m in the terminal, I’m getting spam in the SML console window.
    “IsSchematicPaidOff failed, schematic was null.”
    “UFGSchematic::GetSchematicDisplayName, class was nullpeter.”
    “GetPaidOffCostFor failed, schematic was null.”

FYI, I have 109075 build of the game, 1.0.2 SML, 0.8.0 MoarFactory, 1.2.0 Foundations-Industries, 1.0.1 SID, 0.1.1 Advanced Logistics, 0.2.2 Light It Up and I’m using 0.3.2 KronosMod.