Foundations Mod - Appreciation and Suggestion

I really like the focus and simplicity of the new Foundation Mod. It is awesome and a must have IMO.

I have 2 Suggestions…

  1. This is simple… and not even needed, but maybe consider making a tech requirement for transparent glass?

  2. This is actually the meat of my request. There is one type of foundation sorely missing from all mods at this time… and that is a “corners object” that allows neat corners on ramps.

At the movement You can build a ramp like this… it looks great BTW, thanks, but also is a huge in space basically building a pyramid.

What I would suggest is to make a foundation that has two different “slopes” on the sides. Here is a typical corner created when making a road. I am 98% sure evey single player gets into this situation when building ramps or roadways. In the two shots I have tried both the foundations in the mod.

What would be great would be a foundation that can fit this shape… so one that can slope down on one face and slope up on the other (and visa versa), or maybe a 1/2 foundation that you can build to create any slope up/down combination you like… kinda like how walkways work. So you have a 1/2 foundation that is basically 1/2 a ramp up and one that is 1/2 a ramp down and you can place them both on the same foundation, allowing you to build a custom foundation on the fly.

I think the 1/2 foundation like the walkway would probably be the best solution?

Anyway, for you need in cases like this to either build a massive shape like the first image or an object or objects that can go up and down on each face.

Thanks for the great mod and thanks for the consideration.

or even have multiple cornered foundations you can chose from