Game updated and SMM stopped working

Was playing Satisfactory with mods no problems. SMM 2.4.2 and SML 3.0 Steam version. Then when I logged out it updated to SML 3.1.0 and SMM 2.4.4 and Steam version updated and now nothing works even after reloading SMM over and over. I keep getting error of Mod Helper not found and it kicks me out. Installed again 15 times literally and still same thing. Will not generate debug either.

I’ve been using SMM 2.4.3 and had the same issue.

I’ve sorted it by setting the SMM ‘update settings’ to ‘ask’, then reinstalled v.2.4.3 and re-updated the mods to work with that version. I was finding that every time I tried to install 2.4.3 it was automatically updating to 2.4.4 which doesn’t work with EA.

Perhaps this will help.

Thanks. Got it working except on the mod web site there is no longer the “Install” button just the “View” button. And it shows no mods in my profile now. But I can do search in the SMM and install them that way. Just annoying. but works. Gave permissions to firewall and everything you can think of, but no more Install button :frowning: