Infinity Dynamic Inventory Slot - Rss disappearing

Good Evening,

My partner is using the above mod along with a number of other mods (80+, crazy I know), and every time that she dies, reloads, or opens the game up again, the items that were in the new slots created by this mod have completely disappeared. I can imagine that the new slots do not stay and have to be respawned each time that you load the game but I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and if the Dev was aware of the issue?

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This looks like a mod that Andre Aquila made. It appears he wants people to contact him on Discord. I have seen a couple of other posts with issues for this mod. I haven’t seen much of a response from any mod developers on this forum lately.

I did try and find a Discord for him but couldn’t find anything. I don’t suppose you have a link or anything? Thank you for your response

Thanks for that info Nick. I will see whats happening and put a note in the mod page!

No worries, thank you very much for responding