Inserters for Satisfactoy

MK2 items are in MK1 tier and MK1 items are in MK2 tier.

EDIT: It could just be the descriptions. The research costs seem to be tier appropriate.

Insterters Mk. 2 are Tier 1, Filtered Inserters Mk. 1 are Tier 2. Is that what you’re seeing?

I’ve also noticed that if you unlock them out of order (i.e. unlock Inserters Mk. 4 and then Mk. 3), they show up in unlock order in the build menu, so it’ll go “Inserter Mk. 1, Mk. 2, Mk. 4, Mk. 3” lol

I need new glasses. I read the names probably 20 times while deciding what order to unlock things and never once saw the world filtered until you pointed it out. Had I looked at Tier 4 before posting. the two types appear side by side.

Glad I could help :rofl:

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Could someone be so kind to give me some tips as to how to use inserters? Or some screenshots that exemplify their usage? I’m puzzled by their UI (of sorts) and can’t manage to make them work.

hey, i released an Update yesterday that added another option to view the UI , this is in 1:1 Size and in place of the Inserter. Machines around the Inserter have a small widget attached where you can set the Inserter to either grab or place Items. Filter Inserters have additional Widgets for Item Filters. In general , the UI is a 3D view of what the Inserter can see, if you click yourself through the Widgets and set some of them to grab or place the Hologram color will change to reflect that ( only in old/small UI view).
Otherwise the Inserters need Power.

Regarding the Unlock-order and prio in the BuildMenu, that is fixable, will do that next update i hope.

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Awesome! These will be great updates. Thanks!