Is there any way to run Moar factory on update 3?

Its such a bummer that I can no longer use the assets in this wonderful mod even though most of it doesn’t seem like it would conflict with the new update

I get this at start of satisfactory when i install moar with SMM:
“Serialization error : Action needed!”
“Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.”

Have you installed the brand new Satisfactory mod launcher yet?

I have yet to get Moar Factory to work past 1.0.3 …
I have no idea why none of the versions after that one won’t work.
Game always crashes on launch no matter what.
I have the latest mod launcher as well.

The Launcher is at latest version.
Is it possible that another mod is interfering?
I will test this.

Ok, following is in the Crash reporter after the game crashes:
Seeked past end of file …/…/…/FactoryGame/Content/FactoryGame/MoarFactory_r/Material/Transparent/MF_DoorUI_master.uexp (1852407983 / 40887)
Could this be a broken file in the Moar package?

Strange, I have Moar factory loaded with SMM and it works fine on update 3. Do you also have Moar Assets and Moar Device installed as well?

I have all three installed and I can boot up the game just fine with about 54 other mods

There were several parts the he removed in this latest version due to mod framework changes such as the alternate train cars, tracks and bendy road items but I don’t see how that would affect bootup

I emptied the SMM download cache and cloned the current profile (without MOAR).
With this new profile without MOAR the game is runnig fine.
Then i added MOAR to this new profile.
SMM has downloaded all of the required files with all dependencies (Assets & Device where added automatically).
Now it crashes again.

Then i created an empty profile.
This time i added only MOAR.
It crashes again.

Then i regognized that between switching of profiles, the files in FactoryGame\Content\Paks, FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\mods and FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\config are not changed.
I also see some files from MOAR in SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\mods.
It seems that SMM doesn’t work with these folders.
So I deleted their content and started over.
No it works!

The game seems to be bothered by the files in these directories when using it with SMM.
After successful execution, these folders are still empty.
So how is SMM working?
There should be a function in SMM to delete all pre-SMM-mod installations and all game caches.
I found only a function in the debug menu to delete its own download cache.