Is there any way to translate mods?

I think these mods are awesome,but English isn’t my mother tongue.So I want to translate them.Could anyone give me an idea?

The best way would be to implement the localization features in UE4.

Hooking this into existing mods without the source code however is not something I know to be possible. I would contact the mod(s) developer(s) you want to work on to see if they would be interested in localization.

Thank you.Emmm,I think it’s more difficult than what I thought before now.I have a lot of friends who love these mods.And most of them cannnot understand English well.I want to translate these mods,more is better.But I ignore that these mods aren’t made by one. :frowning:
If I need to translate them,is that means I need to contact every developer?

Yes. In the future, when Coffee Stain adds official mod support, that will probably include translation support for mods. So don’t be too sad, because you should be able to do this in the not-very-distant future.

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