Item models failing to load

I have 12 mods installed currently:
StackMeMore 0.1.5
Light it up 0.5.7
Blade Runner Mk.2 0.0.1
Floor hole 0.1.0
ExoSuit Mod 0.0.10
WFurniture 0.2.0
Pak Utility Mod 0.4.0
Calculator 0.0.3
10 + Inventory Slots 0.0.1
Utility Signs 1.0.0
Area Actions 1.6.4

I would like to know which mod might be causing it and how I can fix my current issues. They worked together before the steam update of satisfactory. I am running it from Epic games. SML 2.1.2

I had this issue once with rubber. What Item is this supposed to be in your picture?
My issue later went away. I don’t know why.


Every item except ore.

I did “verify” the game through epic games and no errors were found with my game files. I also opened another save in case it was the save that was corrupted. Also no luck.

Okay, So you were right. It is the StackMeMore mode causing the issue. I forgot that long ago before I had the mod launcher I followed the instructions under the mod.

“To install change the file to a zip and extract files to SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Content\Paks”
I just deleted the files there. BAM models are back.

As per the mod’s instructions:
“This mod has issues with the UI stretching, theres a work around for it by going into Options-User Interface-Enable Large Inventory Slots”

This fixed my issues with scaling issues for the UI.

The ‘work around’ does not work for me. The items are still streched too much in the inventory. Experimental build 124887.
FYI: I use 7z for zip files. I only need to right click the file, select ‘open as archive’, and drag and drop the files as needed. Much more convenient.