Light It Up - Better way to control them?

Is there a better way to control the lights? Example:

Using a load of wall or ceiling lights, I have to go round one by one and turn them on, and set to auto.

Is there a way to have all lights I place be set to auto and on by default?


I was going to light my entire ceiling and tested it first with 3 lights. Realized what a pain it would be. Decided not to do that at all. SO I completely agree with you.

i really REALLY want to second this! love this mod but it is so much pain to utilize for entire complex…

i want to suggest devs to let me customize the settings before i start placing lights (e.g preset the state on/off/auto, preset the group they are in…) before i start placing anything on the map. this should greatly imrpoves the usability and practicallity of placing hundreds of lights on the factory…

also a wall / foundations preinstalled with lights maybe another one in beams & ramps… will be looking good for my factory :slight_smile: something like this kind of wall

I agree with this, I would also like the LED lights to be placed on the floor as well.