Light It Up - Deleted Lights on Failed Backup Recovery?

Hi there, I hope all is swell…
I realize the error of my ways but need help seeing if there is a solution! And/Or - Report a potential issue when recovering from a backup save file. (Server-Host to different Server-Host) - Loading the .Sav - I failed to load Light it Up (got every mod but this one on the new server) - Played in daylight for a few hours (made progress) - nightfall hit and we realized no lights!!! - I have now installed Light It Up on the new server which has about 3hrs of IRL progress we don’t want to lose. One of our buddies put A LOT of work into the lighting schemes and I don’t want to have lost the mod that made the game fun for him… any way to recover if one .sav had the mod - got loaded without the mod - saved as an auto-save - loaded the mod postpartum - now no lights not ~ even the options exist… …is this a mod that can’t be added to a pre-existing game? - by that standard, technically my game existed 3hrs without it and now I don’t have the options despite installing the mod - Any Help?? - Precious Work at Stake! - Plz and Thx! - TYIA - E² | Minvox
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