MAM issues: Unable to research most items; Solved

Only the top 3 items on the left side are researchable. The rest of the items are greyed out. The top icon in the tree for these items appears to be locked. I have never seen this before.
Early Access build 118201. I have just finished all goals to level 4. I have found Caterium for example but cannot research it.

Could this have been a result of mods? All seem to be working fine.
Programmable Elevators 2.2.1
Refined Power 2.0.4
Upside Down Foundations and More 0.0.2
10+ Inventory Slots 0.0.1
Utility Signs 1.0.0
PermaDay 0.1.2
Pak Utility Mod 0.3.1
Passive Mode 0.2.2

I found a temporary fix for this.
I used the Save Game Editor to open an old file with what I needed, copied values to a text editor,and opened the save game I wanted to fix and added the elements. The link below shows where the elements may be found in the save game.

Note that this does not cause any research to be done, it just fixes the display so I can select the nodes allowing me to research them. Also I found in the Satisfactory log file divide by zero errors relating to MAM.

SaveGameEditor view