Manual mod load process?

what is the manual mod load process? I am getting the mod loader error below. nobody has responded with an idea or solution. the error is not descriptive enough to solve it myself.

Error: Dependency ubjtpwrNUqGkb of manifest_ubjtpwrNUqGkb could not be installed. Conflicting version requriements: manifest_ubjtpwrNUqGkb requires >=0.0.0 All changes were discarded.

i have posted before about the error…

so, what the manual process for loading new mods or updating existing mods?

it seems to be some dependency error, on all mods or updates. so, is it a loader or SML dependency?

the mods already loaded work fine. just unable to load new ones or update.

ideas? suggestions?

If you already have the modding set up (which you should with SML installed), you can install mods directly into your SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\mods folder. As I’ve been dealing with the same issue as you, this is how I’ve been handling it. Just download a mod from the site and place it in that folder.

the mod files were .zips before, and i knew where to place them. now they appear to be .smod files. the mod pages now dont have directions on where to place the files like before.

I looked in the debug code, it indicates a file was removed from the, that i was trying a newer version. then fails. so i dont believe the mod installer failure is on my PC.