Mini Mods General (Suggestions and Comments)

Inclined frame fundations like double ramps are very necessary
And also the ability to attach inclined walkways to them at an appropriate angle.

Thank you for making new mods which brings more gameplay.
Hope to see pipes mk.2 in the future.

Micro Manage is a good mod, but lacks the ability to copy a group of items and then paste them

Use Area Actions to copy buildings/areas

Can we get adjustable dimensions for the Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics mod? @Andre_Aquila
It would be much easier to manage the toolbars and also it will big a big QOL update. Thanks in advance!

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could you possibly finish the wip magic machine I would like it if you could it would be a lot easer for me to make ghost glue because the atmospheric harvester is not putting the oxygen into the fluid sink

or could you possibly make hydrogen have its own blueprint recipe for the more milestones mod

the pargon rubber screws don’t stack to 200 can’t make hulking modeler frame can you please fix this for the 100+ milestones mod

Thanks for reporting mlgcoolguy. Im fixing it now and releasing the update until tomorrow

ok and your welcome and thank you

and can you possibly update date the magic machine mod and finish the wip magic machine:video_game:

i can’t find the pipe hole and the pipe ceiling pole and the ceiling merger and ceiling splitter :money_mouth_face:

magic machine mod i can’t make paragon rubber with the wip magic machine can you possibly make it where you can make paragon rubber with the wip magic machine it would make it so much easer I would really appreciated it