Mini Mods General (Suggestions and Comments)

Hi G… its the default colors… here we have all individual colors of default paint gun

Thank you for “pointing” me in the right direction. I forgot to look there first… cheers


how can i delete placed nodes ?

How do you use the Resource node creator mod??

Special Containers: I am showing the container with 3 connections on each side twice in the menus. Also the double container should probably show 48 slots.

Also, I already have underground belts but still show research for this. Are two of your mods providing underground belts? Is there a different research for MK1, MK2, etc. for underground belts?

Crashsite Vanisher: Fire is not removed. There are no visible red poles. I do see a small black cube on some sites which seems to represent the now hidden container.

Plant and Harvest: Useful but overpriced


I havent’ been able to find the Magic Machine in the hub. I’ve check both teir 1 and teir 0 and it’s not there. (there’s nothing for me to scroll to the right for. I don’t have many mods installed)

Mod manager shows it installed. I’ve unistalled/reinstalled the mod. Still no go. Any ideas?


Now it unlocks automatically!!! It supposed to be in the build menu directly