Mini Mods General (Suggestions and Comments)

I’m having an issue with the Efficient Fuel in the Efficient Resources Cheat. For some reason, all other Efficient resources manufacture perfectly. But Efficient Fuel doesn’t seem to be working/manufacturing. Does anyone have any idea why?

Just to add on, the same Refinery is able to manufacture normal fuel, but as soon as I flip it to efficient fuel it stops producing.

for Already Painted Walls - please add painted metallic walls

Re: Ghost Construction

If you hover over a ghost building with the dismantle tool and do not delete it, the texture gets reset back to default. Hopefully it can be fixed.

Floor Hole - Doesnt seem to work on the new version of mod launcher.

I have been rebuilding a number of my production runs using the ceiling spiltters and ceiling conveyor poles.

Many thanks for the work you have done!

@Andre_Aquila Re: Ghost Construction.
If you build something using Ghost construction then hit “F” then Middle Click the machine it becomes solid at no cost…
This doesn’t happen with all the items, but it does with most of them…

I’ve noticed this, too, however, it only ‘partially’ resets for me. Some parts of it remain with the texturing done by the mod, but mostly going back to normal.

How about hypertube holes for walls :slight_smile:

are in the game, i think you have to unlock by the awesome shop

Andre - Would it be possible to add either a 3 or 6 input to the big storage tank? Or another tank with those inputs on it?
Im using the water extractors (in the same mod) and they output 900 nicely which fits perfectly in 3 pipes (or 6 if i use 2 pumps)

Having 4 on the tank is hard to manage! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Ive just been in to the game and it seems the headlift on the mega pumps is an issue too. Its telling me its exceeding but the dials are at about 75% so ive been ignoring it but now i go to use the fluid and theres bearly any in the pipe. Lift on my file is about 80m so should be fine.

Edit 2: I ripped out the whole line and put it in again and the pump now seems to be working and getting the fluids to the top. Very weird behavior though.
Anyway - first request is still there thanks!

mod: ghost contruction

maybe you could add a way to build your factory after you have mapped it with ghost pieces or like have a terminal to put stuff in like in the HUB to build all ghost pieces into real ones. also some ghost foundations that can only have ghost pieces on it would be nice

Unlock All Alternate Recipes Mod

It seems like Packaged Turbo Fuel was not unlocked with the mod? I am unable to find the recipe in my refinery, though all other recipes have been unlocked. I have version 0.0.2 installed.

Thank you - great mods!

@Andre_Aquila - I tried to look through all the posts here but any updates on Floor Holes being able to rotate the input or output while placing it. It is current shaped like a Z and could used other configurations.



Any chance we can get a config for the “10x Awesome Points” say we can change the multiplier ourselves :smiley:

hey @Andre_Aquila!
First of all, great job with all your mods. Second, regarding the floor holes…is there any chance that we can choose the orientation of the output, just like the lifts?

Thank you!

Like many others have said, thank you for your great mods.

Regarding the Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics mod:
I’d like to add another vote for the ability to rotate the floor hole outputs similar to lifts.
Also, the new underground conveyors are very nice, but would be even more useful if they came in more sizes or were adjustable. In particular, 10 is often a bit too long. 5 would be definitely be a useful addition, and stretchable 1 to whatever conveyor max is would be ideal.


I was wondering if you’d be willing to make a version of your fast craft mod that doesn’t have the loss?

Having a bit of trouble with your Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics mod. Specifically, starting yesterday, the Ceiling and Floor Power Outlets (1m, 2m and 4m height) are not transferring power from one connection to another, and has persisted though restarting the game, uninstalling and reinstalling the mod, and a full system restart. Just wanted to be sure you know about the issue. Love the mod itself though, works beautifully other than the current issue. Thanks for being an awesome addition to the Satisfactory experience!

Hey @ Andre_Aquila Would it be possible to run the animations and sounds for your Instant Machines Mod. Its a great Mod but the machines all seem kind of dead ya know.


I cant seem to find the MULTI SPLITTER/MERGER BALANCER Mod. in my Hub. I checked all tiers.