MoarFactory Update 4 Compatibility

So, it’s been a while since update 4 came out, and yet there’s no sign of update for MoarFactory, which makes me kind of sad because i’ve been using it in most of my games and I can’t really play without it since my factories are made with those assets… Basically, I haven’t played on the Update 4 since its release and I’m kind of getting impatient, if you know what I mean… Therefore, if anyone knows when or if the mod is going to be updated, I would really appreciate it if you told me. I’m sure a lot of persons are waiting for it too, unless i’m wrong and it is already updated which would be kinda funny and ambarrasing! Well, yea… Thanks for your time and have a good day… or night… or whatever!

Well… I’ve looked it up and the worst case scenario just happened to be the actual reality, and it’s the fact that, for what i’ve seen, it has been discontinued. That’s wath i’ve heard. If it ain’t the case, don’t hesitate to tell me I’m wrong! It would simply be better like this! Anyway… Thank you for you time and take care!

What a shame if this is the case it’s one of the best mods, along with the Rocket Launcher. I really hope someone will pick up on this loss and do a reworking on some of the additional features, mainly the doors and walls, that Moar brought to the table. I must say kinda missing having My Tablet to hand.

In another thought about Moar Factory, if the creator is not interested anymore why not do the decent thing and pass the code over to someone who is.

You know you aren’t entitled to anything from mods. Saying “do the decent thing to pass the code” sounds rude af considering no one is paying to have mods available. if a dev doesn’t want to fix the mod they don’t fix the mod. they have there own life, jobs, etc if they don’t want to then they don’t

@I_m_a_chicken29 Yea, you’re right and I must say that having people like you doing mods as good as these and for free is just wonderful! By the way, I’m really happy that Refined Power has been released and I can’t wait to see Ficsit Farming once again in my games, those two mods are clearly my favorites :grin: ! Thank you so much for your time doing things for the community and take care! :+1:

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