MoarFactory Version 0.7.0 Bug

Hello @klangzwang,

first of all…very nice mod!

In the last version you removed the void plug. I used it a lot to keep my factory runnig and get rid of the overproduced parts.
Now you added a huge storage container with 3 inputs, 2 outputs and 1 void. But it seems that the void doesn’t work or i’m just to stupid to make it work. It looks like it has 4 inputs and 2 outputs.


Hey, I can’t help but I want to say welcome to the forums ^^

Hey Knowen

the void will be back soon… but the old one is gone forever… sorry
for the huge storage… no void input… wrong description

stay tuned

Hey was just wondering about an eta on when those conveyor belt poles and grappling hook would be added

hey… Mr. Pucky Pole will come soon… i have todo some little changes
the grappling hook is done… but, there is some bugs… the wire shoots to the side, instead front^^ have to fix this