Mod administration tool


I’m thinking about making a mod manager, that can manage (install, update) mods to the game. Is it possible to get a list of active mods from this site? Preferably via a service API?

I imagine that one could run this mod manager prior to launching the game to check if all mods are up to date. with an option to update. Also new mods could be discovered, downloaded and installed.


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I already made a mod launcher with both CLI (for dedicated servers when they will come) in Go and GUI with electron handling downloads of mods and SML and installing, uninstalling and updating mods and their dependencies. You can check them out at and (this one is currently private while I’m fixing the Travis builds)

So the CLI version is only for servers?


Are you using an API to access mod data on ficsit?


You can use the CLI version anywhere, and the GUI depends on it too, but the GUI finds Satisfactory installs automatically whereas the CLI needs you to input the Win64 path. The GUI also has a mod search tab so you don’t need to go to to find the mod ID and the version you want to download, then type them in the console, as the CLI needs

No, I’m manually typing the list of mods every time someone makes the request. Of course there is an API, and you would know that if you looked a bit more at (like, really, just open developer tools and look at the requests made by the website image), or at the code I linked

Whats with the hostility?

Sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like that, but really you could have at least looked at it or search for API through the code

I usually ask for APIs because those APIs, you can find by sniffing around, isn’t always meant to be used by third party. APIs that are not meant to be public can have side effects, that its developers are aware of and compensate for, that outsiders are not aware of, and thus, cannot compensate for.

Also I think it’s polite to ask before putting an unintended strain on other peoples services.

But no worries. I wasn’t offended. It’s all good :).

That out of the way, could any of the devs maybe give a thumbs up for using the API used by the site?


@Jan_Daniel_Andersen I have added a page explaining the publicly available API endpoints:


Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: