Mod Luancher error

Getting an error today when installing mods. the error doesn’t tell me anything useful. Several mods are installed from as recent as yesterday. I get this error when trying to install a new mod or update any that are already installed. Ideas?

Error: Dependency ubjtpwrNUqGkb of manifest_ubjtpwrNUqGkb could not be installed. Conflicting version requriements: manifest_ubjtpwrNUqGkb requires >=0.0.0 All changes were discarded.

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As an update, it is not any one mod that generates this error. any one of them i select to install or update generates he error. I had thought it might be a certain mod, so i was checking f any others worked.

I also checked the log, no info there either.

Having the same issue. Any attempt to install a mod meets with that error message.

looking in the debug mode, this shows something was removed. so whats the solution?

2020-04-11 10:38:23:948 [INFO] Version 0.0.1 of ubjtpwrNUqGkb was removed from Removing and attempting to use the latest version available.