Mod Powersuit Latest Versions 0.2.0

Powersuit Nogg-aholic
I’m sorry, but I’ll write you how saliva brought me to my tongue. I’m very angry about your last update here. You made a really great mos, I liked it. Do you think people have downloaded this mode for your blue eyes or what kind do you have? No, because they could fly and hover at work without fear of falling. And what don’t you do? Send it all to hell. Who saw this to allow one function in another mode and not yet write how. Did that occur to you the night you made love to a woman? Because it’s a nice piece of shit. I really disliked your mode and the Exosuit is now better than yours.

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I get that English is likely not your primary language, and in saying that, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Do you like the mod or not? vOv

If you DON’T like it for some reason, in simple terms, what is it you don’t like, and why don’t you like it?