Mod stackmemore

MOD STACKMEMORE ne fonctionne pas depuis le début de son lancement google translation

Je ne pense pas que l’usage de languages outres que l’anglais est autorisé dans ces forums, mais je peut dire que j’ai le méme probleme. (Desolée pour mon désastreux feançais).

(OP said: mod “Stack me more” isn’t working simce its launch)

First, this mod worked only in Early Access build 118201. I haven’t tried to install this in the latest version of Early Access released in the last couple of days.

Second, it doesn’t work like a normal mod. You need to open the .smod file. I use 7zip for this. You could rename it to if you want. Extract the two files, the .pak file and the .sig file and place the two files in the Paks folder. The comments in the Satisfactory Mod Launcher show this process in detail.

Edit: Now that latest Early Access is now build 121635, which was Experimental, it appears that the StackMeMore mod is now completely broken in Both Early Access and Experimental. Looks like we will have to wait until the Mod author fixes it.

Latest patch and this mod v0.1.5 is still broken. In the inventory several item icons are stretched. Please fix.