Mod Wanted: Wall Outlet Mk 1 that can be mounted on a stackable conveyor pole - willing to pay for the work

I would like to commission someone to mod the current single sided, mk1 wall outlet so it can be mounted on the side of a stackable conveyor pole. This is so that I can unify the placement of the power along with the conveyors, pipes and HTs.

The model itself doesn’t need to be changed at all, it just need the script/code edited so it can be mounted on a stackable pole, best place would be anywhere on the flat sides, but I don’t know it the stackable pole models are sectioned up into areas like that.

At any rate, I’d be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the mod, so if a modder is interested, let me know what you would charge for said mod. With a short video of the outlet being placed on a stackable pole as proof of function, I guess, I would send you the agreed upon fee and you could send me the mod pack, or even make it publicly accessible if you like, I don’t care which.

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Cool, I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks :slight_smile: