More Factory BUG - Object will not dismantle correctly, respawning on game load

So I have a strange problem with More Factory, I am using the latest version.

Basically I was testing it out and used the “wall plug” item. This is a object that you can place on a sold wall to make a connection for a belt. The idea is you do not need to use doorways or anything, just normal walls and put in the “holes” were you like.

I tested this on a single spot… but overtime I load the game there is another copy of the object at the spot. So after a week or so I may need to use dismantle and delete it 10 times. I have tried dismantling it, then saving immediately, but as soon as I load the game it is back.

Any ideas on what I can do about this?

Example :


Hi, im the dev of MF
First… this is the Void Plug and nothing todo with items through walls… its for deleting items^^
whatevr… in the next release the plug is gone!!! maybe i found another way

thx for reporting… greetz

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