Multiple entries in Tier


its a bit curious, but i noticed it a while ago that some items are more then once listed in the TIER.
One mod is the “Refined Power”.

I have in TIER 5 the “Refined Power Mk3” listed at all 22 times; Carbon Refining 17x.
In Tier 7 is the Refined Power Mk4 22x; Dyson Sphere H1 22x; Dyson Sphere H3 22x; Dyson Sphere H4 21x.

I can’t really say if that comes from other mods which i have installed. But its still curious. I had it with the Refined Power Mod also in older versions.

Hmm, still the same with latest release of Refined Power 2.0.7. And now I used only this mod installed.

Does anyone have the same?


This should be fixed in 2.0.8 and any that are listed are stuck in the save file.