New to Modding, Wanting to make a Minecarts Mod

I can’t get anyone to make a Minecarts mod for EA. So I wanted to find out if I could get a lot of help. I have done coding in C#, and very little in C++. Someone offered to help with models for it. I just need a lot of help with the coding. is anyone willing to take out like 8 or 10 hours a week to help. I need to help to get started, what I need, to download and install. I have VS Com 2017 all ready installed.

We made a Doc to help you out with that. Getting started in SF Modding. Its basicaly making stuff in UE4.
I hope this will help you ^^

Thx, how ever the link you gave me is just how to install mods. I’m confused at how that helps me to make mods.

Click “Getting Started” on the left side.

Thanks Pan. I will need some help with your tutorial. You left out details. A lot of missing. I’m trying to make a machine or add one to my mod. I been having some tutorial issue. Ping me on discord when you get a chance and have some time. Thx,