NogsLights Issues

Nice concept but needs some work.

Many of the entries not accessable. I can only see part of the slider.

The N key does nothing. I assume it should open an invisibl dialog to release the cursor so that I may click on the Icon that opens the main menu to change things.
Opening any other menu works but covers up the screen so I can’t see the changes I am trying to make.

It appears I should be able to enter the number values correctly. This does not work.
I cannot enter numbers on the keypad or on the main keyboard. (Yes the numlock is on.)

Some of the sliders should change values in an exponential or logarithmic fashion. That is how we percieve many light issues anyway.

Need a better explanation somewhere on some of the icons and usage. For instance it is not really obvious to me that one of the Icons resets all settings. I don’t know if tooltips are possible at this stage or not.

Reset doesn’t seem to reset everything.

Not sure if one of your settings is toggling the r.fog console value correctly from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0. Seems to me that doing this myself in the console worked better than trying to toggle the value in your dialog. Maybe it’s just me.

Thank you for the effort in any case. This can develop into a really awesome mod.