Pak Utility Mod v0.3.1, SML 2.1.0, Experimental 120739

Hi, I’m having an issue with the Pak Utility Mod only when other family members try to join my world (local LAN). The client consistently crashes to desktop, but the host does not. I’ve tried this with the mod as the only mod loaded, I’ve tried it where the other computer is the host and I am the client. It only crashes the client immediately after attempting to join game.

I can provide a copy of the Unreal error screen if this isn’t easily replicated.


Just uploaded a version that fixes it (it is only compatible with SML 2.1.0+, so only Experimental for now)

Thanks for the quick response!

Since the issue from this thread is already resolved, I figured I’d ask this here instead of starting a new thread, since it doesn’t really need a whole discussion: would it be possible to add a “toggle build restrictions” feature like Kronos Mod has? I find it to be incredibly useful to work around the sometimes-weird hitboxes on machines.

If you’re somehow not familiar, I’m basically talking about removing collision detection when building. The Kronos Mod version also removed the wire length limit for power poles, which could also be cool for playing around in creative, but I’d personally be satisfied with toggling collision detection when building.

The purpose of the Pak UtilityMod is to be pak only, so that it is very unlikely to break, or need updates often, while removing build restrictions requires overwriting some of the base game functions, which can only be done from c++.

That being said, I am working on a separate no build restrictions mod, also with chat commands for enable/disable, and it is almost done, except that it requires SML 2.1.1, which isn’t released just yet.

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Ah, didn’t realize that the build restrictions would be so much more difficult to implement, but I’m glad to hear it’s being worked on regardless :slight_smile: