Possibility to create a map?

Do you know if it is or will be possible to create maps with mods?
Thank you for your answers

as far as i’ve read about the development and all about this game, the map is completely hand made and not generated, at least a very very big chunk of all major parts of it are not generated procedurally and that actually what gives the world in satisfactory it’s uniqueness and feel that i didn’t find in other games that are using more dynamically generated maps with random seeds.

so i think the best answer to your question is not with mods, but maybe, dev eventually might allows people create different maps as different “Planets” that you can move in between worlds… that should be pretty seamlessly easy to integrate.0

Maybe in tier 10 we can construct another orbital elevator transporting us to common orbital lobby / warpgate to socialize and able to change worlds / planets or visit other people’s worlds & factories given that they also haave the orbital infrastructure of the same tier needed for us to go in the firstplace (no newbs) :slight_smile: just like… animal crossings airport system for example

or maybe i just had my imaginations runs random right now LOL