Problem Mods not working with my game

Hi All, well I am having big problems with different mods, some not showing up, others crashing my game when I remove the mod object, i.e. ratio splitters and then you have the farming mod and this one is very strange, i.e. unlock requirements i.e. instead of requiring limestone to unlock it, in my game it requires 100 x seeds, 100 x potato’s and 100 x wheat. See attached screenshot!

Now I am good at most things but producing items out of thin air is not one of them, any ideas?

Listed below is all the mods currently in my game.

10 x Awesome points, Big Storage Tank and Pump, Buildable Power Shard, Farming Mod, Fluid Packer, Fluid Sink and more, Foundation Industries, Jetpack MK2, Moar Assets, Moar Device, Moar Factory, Mycelia Cultivation, No Fall Damage, Passive Mod, Programmable Elevators, Recycling Mod, Rocket Launcher, Split and Merge, Turbo Pumps, Under Pressure, Uniform Nodes, W Furniture.