Production Plus

Mod that adds 50 new items to produce.

@Andre_Aquila Do you have permission from Factorio to use their copyrighted assets?

Hello, I don’t know if it’s possible, but hydrogen?
For example hydrogen for the jetpack with a longer flight time.

Hi Vilsol.
I just did it for fun and learning. I did the opposite in factorio too.
But it all a fan thing… If its now allowed, please delete the mod.

Sorry if I caused any inconvenience. Thanks


Just that you have done the opposite does not negate the other. Please obtain a written confirmation from Factorio developers that you have their permission to use their copyrighted assets. I will keep the mod up for now, but I will remove it within a month if you do not obtain the permission to use them.

Outlined in their terms of service, any asset distribution is not permitted:

You most likely want to start by contacting them here:

Thanks Vilsol, i understand.

I will contact them immediatelly.

Leaving it up in the interim might make you a party to said copyright infringement. Might be safer to just take it down until explicit permission has been granted.

I have deleted the version for now, until you get approval from the Factorio developers. If you upload the same version again, you will be suspended from the site.

Ok Vilsol, i think its better too!! I have an idea for an marathon mod, but im having some difficulties… Anyway, its nice to always learn. I really love coding!

Again, sorry for the copyright infringement, its not my intention.

If you could close this post too! Just to end the subject!

Hey @Vilsol have you seen Minecraftory? Different author but seems like its the same problem; using assets from another game in their mod.