Refined Power Balance

I’m absolutely loving Refined Power so far, but it seems pretty overpowered. Why bother with coal or fuel generators when you can just cover a pond with water turbines and be set for the rest of the game?

Suggestions for Mk1 generators (haven’t unlocked Mk2 yet):

  • Decrease wind turbine Mk1 output to 5 MW and add 1 or 2 rotors to the build recipe.

  • Scale up the size of the water turbine Mk1 to be as big as a coal generator and add motors to the recipe.

  • If possible, make the Mk1 water turbines only effective in areas with running water and have an upstream separation distance requirement. I could see this being difficult to implement though. Otherwise, maybe nerf output to 30-40 MW, in addition to the model upscale and recipe buff. Seriously, these water turbines are crazy OP.

I’d love if there was a way to configure mod parameters like in factorio, since I’m sure not everyone agrees with me.

i agree reduce the power output to 30 mw make an MK2 with more power later could be more balanced