Refined Power bug!


After updating SML2.1。In 119805。

I found that the picture didn’t match and the article didn’t match

I hope to change it. I like this mod very much

Basically we can’t make Carbon Dust yet because the Recipe assigned to it is the recipe for Carbon Mesh instead of Carbon Dust. So until this gets fixed, we can’t make solar panels which need the Carbon Dust. Edit: This part is now fixed with latest patch. Thanks to the Mod Developer.

Also the icons that show up in the inventory are sized wrong (for Carbon Mesh) so they mess up the appearance of the inventory. They are rectangular shaped. They should be a square.
Edit: The ‘Carbon Carbon’ (Carbon Beam?) looks really bad. I wonder it this is a Satisfactory bug. I saw a similar issue with the mod that changes the stack size of items. When that mod was activated, the icons in the inventory were messed up.


Translated last post with Google:
Oh, thank you. It took me a long time to return to me :slight_smile:
I have dealt with many important things now

I have always liked your mod very much, including Agriculture MOD。
This has brought a lot of benefits to my factory

I am not the mod developer. I am just another game player like you. mrhid6 is the mod developer.
I had some issues with the Refined Power mod so I thought I would add my comments. I agree, this is a very good mod.

good mod,but lots of mistakes

Hi this issue has been fixed in version 2.0.8 on the experimental branch of the game.

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i found another bug. not sure though if it’s by design or not.

i have the steam generator and turbine mk1, it produces power. i delete them and replace them by mk2, and then no power is generated, place on the same area as the mk1. i delete them and put mk1 again, then power is generated, right now as it is with version # 2.1.7 when you use the 2nd level of steam turbine and generator, the output is 0MW produced.

No. it’s not a bug. You have to use the dial on the Mk2 to set the RPM to be lower to find the golden zone

Hi, I had a problem with the wind turbines I can’t seem to use the Mk1s, as soon as I aim at them to hook up the cable the game immediately freezes I have to force the game to close and reboot it, they had to be taken down so I or my friends don’t accidentally do it again which it also happened with them

yeah i had the same issue, apparently it’s not for EA, but experimental, the mod author should have made that clear, just roll back to an earlier version,… it took me an hour to figure out wtf was going on.

thanks I will certainly have me and my friends try that

we couldn’t care less :stuck_out_tongue: